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2024 Season: 

Our Senior Women's Box Lacrosse Club will be returning for the upcoming 2024 season! This team is for players who are over-age for, and no longer eligible to play U22 Intermediate Girls lacrosse, or are 19 or older as of January 1st and live in an area that doesn't offer U22 Intermediate Girls' Lacrosse and have no nearby U22 team to play for. Tryouts and practices will be starting in mid-April. 

This will be our ninth year as part of the Women's Major Series Lacrosse (formerly known as the Ontario Women's Box Lacrosse League ( OWBLL )) and will enter into 1 or 2 tournaments if the League has any and play in a number of League Days which are on weekends, almost all games are played on 4 Saturdays, with maybe one Sunday game depending on the number of teams and games needed.  There is also a Provincial Championship at the end of the season in mid-August. Playing will not be too time consuming.  We will practice once a week, Tuesday nights from 9-10 pm, and then attend League Days and Tournaments as scheduled.  Players must play in 50% of the team's League games or 50% of the total League and Tournament games to be eligible for Provincials. 

Registration fees will be $450 for the 2024 season along with some help with some fundraising ventures during the season if possible. When rostered with the team and coming out to practices we also need a separate postdated $100 jersey deposit cheque. (which we rip up when we get your jersey back in good condition). These registration fees will cover the costs of all your practices and League games and fees for Tournaments and Provincials. 

Registration is all online and the link is below - there is no fee to just register online to show interest for tryouts .... fees for playing for the team will be collected locally at practice.  We will be charging $30 to cover the first 3 weeks of practice which will be tryouts for the team. 

Register here:

If you are interested in trying out and/or for more information please contact Reg Holinshead - email is [email protected] or text at 519-313-0050.  This is full contact lacrosse, not House League or Soft lacrosse, and is competitive. 

We are also looking for sponsors so if anyone is interested in helping to sponsor the team or helping with our costs, please contact Reg about opportunities. 

2017-2023  Sponsors - Thanks very much for your support!

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